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We provide this page to assure you of the utmost in protection. All authorized Benefit Coordinators are listed below. All Benefit Coordinators are also provided a badge providing a verification of representation.

John Sanders

John Sanders, Agency Director



John Sanders

Mr. Sanders has more than 30 years of military leadership and management experience. Additionally, he has over 18 years in the financial services industry. He has also worked as a federal employee within the Department of Homeland Security and authored two books, The Right Track and The Federal Employee Benefits Workbook.

He currently serves as director of The Benefit Coordinators. He teaches and lectures on federal employee benefits and financial literacy. His current responsibilities include traveling extensively teaching both federal benefit managers, federal employees, Postal Service personnel, and active military members the concepts of basic financial responsibility and employee benefits. To date, his classes have educated over 15,000 government employees and military personnel. The attendance of these classes has helped attendees gain a greater understanding of their benefits.

The Benefit Coordinators parent organization, MyLife Services, is an educational vendor approved by the General Services Administration, and is designated as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business by the Veterans Administration.

Mr. Sanders has served in the United Stated Army. While in the Army he earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Central Texas. He maintains multiple professional licenses domestically and abroad.

Gilda Bates, Benefit Coordinator


Gilda Bates – Richmond \ Tide Water

Gilda Bates is a rising start in the Benefit Coordinators organization. We stole her from the Banking and Finance industry in which she had more than 28 years of experience. This background has allowed her to be both an asset to all government employees and our organization as well.

Gilda’s warm and caring qualities have made her perfect for our team. This has allowed her to form great relationships and the ability to assist clients on a more personal level. It has created great opportunities to educate and find solutions to assist clients with protecting their assets and give them a peace of mind.

Gilda has been married has been married for more than 28 years. She has enjoyed raising her one and only child, Tyvon. She enjoys planning vacations for her family and friends. She has several hobbies, such as golfing, bowling, and swimming. She has a great love for sports. And yes, she loves the Dallas Cowboys.

Butler, Tony (176999) 1

Tony Butler, Benefit Coordinator


Tony Butler – Fort Worth\Dallas area

Mr. Butler is part of a family which truly believe in serving. In his family he has 9 Military family members, 2 retired Postal Service employees, 3 Teachers and 5 City and Federal related Government Workers

He believes the nature of his work and the responsibility that it carries is not just a job, rather it is personal. He strives to assist any customer to achieve the goals they want. He works hard to seek and apply all the information, knowledge, and product knowledge at my disposal.

Mr. Butler has been married for 27 years to his best friend, Tina. He is the father of two and grandfather of one. He was born in  East Texas, raised in Colorado and later attended College in Tyler, Texas. His last move was to North Texas in 1988 where he currently serves as a Benefit Coordinator.

Melinda Chase, Benefit Coordinator







Melinda Chase – Central Florida

Melinda Chase started her financial services career over a decade ago in Northern Indiana with The Royal Bank of Scotland in their credit card processing division. She showed small business owners how to save money on their processing costs by training and educating them properly on how to run their plastic and gift card programs.  She also learned the intricate details of credit card debt management and how to win the credit card game for her business owners and well as individuals and families.

Finally leaving the cold winters of Indiana, she headed to Tampa, Florida in 2009 to start a new career working exclusively with a nationally recognized family funeral home which required intensive training in the death care industry as it pertains to life insurance. By having deep, personal discussions with people about their final wishes, lead to an acute understanding of how to plan accordingly at any age for death. Witnessing how some families were prepared and others were not, left Melinda with a passion for delivering sensitive information easily to her clients and discussing topics that usually are left unsaid until it is too late. While continuing her passion for funeral legacy planning, she started her federal benefits career in 2010 quickly rising to become an expert in her area reaching federal employees in Central and Western Florida.

With Melinda’s unique and extensive background in financial and family legacy planning, she brings to her federal employee clients a high overview of looking at today, tomorrow and beyond in order to help her clients retire and have a better tomorrow which ultimately leads to happier people and families. She makes it easy for clients to gain the true knowledge of how money works, how to position federal benefits for themselves so they can save more for retirement and to put a plan in place that has the goals of her clients first and foremost.

Ramsouer, Michelle (061820)

Michelle Ramsouer, Benefit Coordinator




Michelle Ramsouer – San Antonio area

Michelle joins our team with over 30 years experience in the workforce. She started her career by earning a degree in Interior Design. Her specialty was remodeling kitchens and bathrooms.  During these years she would meet with clients to listen to their ideas and needs for a better design options. This took a great ability to hear what they wanted and to incorporate that into what they wanted and visualized the completed project.

After starting a family and wanting more flexibility with her schedule, she moved into the professional insurance market. This was very rewarding to her since it incorporated her ability to listen to her clients and help them establish what they needed for themselves and their families, She always considered herself an educator and not a salesperson.

Michelle is a Southern California transplant. She joins our team while raising 2 teenage daughters, instilling the belief of excellence and determination.  Her family is truly enjoying the transition from the Southern California to Texas experience.

Michelle is a wonderful asset for The Benefit Coordinators, she brings the ability to guide clients while helping them to visualize the destination. She processes the qualities of educating and assisting our clients with their greatest needs of protecting their future and their families future

Trunk, David (608945)

David Trunk, Benefit Coordinator






David Trunk – Georgia

David is a well known financial educator in Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama. He has developed a specialty in working with new federal employees. He has advised retiring employees on how to make the most of their federal benefits in retirement. David has helped many federal employees avoid common and perhaps unknown mistakes in their retirement system. Many federal employees have sought his advice on ways to increase their income in retirement, avoid estate taxes, how to protect their estates, and save cost in FEGLI life insurance. He educates to protect their assets or unforeseen life events.

When David is not educating federal employees, he is activity involved in his community; through his church, acting in plays, and working in independent films. He supports the Georgia Bull Dawgs and the Atlanta Falcons. His wife, Nicole is the nutritional coordinator for Barrow County Schools and heads up the farm to school program in the state. Sidney, his daughter is headed for the Air Force next year.

Whether you are a new federal employee or you have 10, 20, or 30 years of federal service schedule an appointment with David and don’t leave any stone unturned. New employee orientation and retirement seminars/lunch-n-learn available at no cost to agency. You can call David direct at (404) 376-5144 or email at and don’t forget to check out his facebook fan page at

Vining, Michael

Michael Vining Benefit Coordinator






Michael Vining – New Jersey

Michael Vining is a New Jersey resident and has over 25 years of experience in the financial services, banking and insurance worlds. He is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering with a major in analytical management. He has been licensed in insurance for over 20 years and has prior experience as a licensed mortgage banker. During his military service, Mr. Vining had the position of managing federal employees who processed pay and benefits for Navy personnel. He draws upon that experience in his current role of Benefit Coordinator to assist federal employees to better understand their benefits and to make sound choices for their future security and retirement.

Mr. Vining is licensed to serve the needs of federal employees in the state of New Jersey and is available for formal classroom education and training for benefits as well as more private individual consultations. He may be contacted via email at or by phone at (973) 635-1595.